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Notice that the Try And Find Me button above and the form below both still work even though there are multiple .formMapper() maps on the page.
It could be just about anything: a full address, a city, just the zip/postal code, or even the name of a place.

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Below is a sample of the .formMapper() in a contact form. In this example the map is not attached to the form so it does not change when a location is added in the form, but it does use .formMapper() and its options to add the location to the map.

You can find us here.

Tom's Restaurant Enlarge Image

Tom's Restaurant

2880 Broadway
New York, NY 10025

ph: 212-864-6137
fax: 212-864-1372
Our Website

Tom's is a family owned restaurant that has been around since the 1940's. It has been graced with a song by Suzanne Vega and most recently it is the site of Monk's Diner from the hit sitcom Seinfeld.

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